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Soak Up the Sun!

After graduation, when anybody asked if I had gotten a job yet


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I think that one of these days you’re going to have to find out where you want to go. And then you’ve got to start going there.
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Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother.

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top 6 cappie/casey scenes: asked by canaryparadise & deepbutdazzlingdarkness

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I’ll probably go make a fool of myself. Walk around the mall. Hit on some babes. ‘What’s up, babe? Yup, it’s me.’
~ Paul Wesley (What would you do if you woke up one day and you were in Ian’s body?)
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I found a woman who was so sure of what she wanted, and she wanted me.

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A Good Day for Cake

All I wanted to do for my 21st birthday was to eat cake. The only problem was I had recently discovered that what used to be my favorite cake didn’t impress my palate anymore. So it was time to look for a new one. After our unlimited cake and coffee adventure last February, I knew exactly whom to call to join me in this delicious hunt. 

Pete came up with the title “Cake Me Maybe” inspired by this song. Haha. Of course it wouldn’t be a cake hunt without a map, a score card, and a water tumbler to get us through the day. The mechanics were simple: we would visit the cake shops in the list, order one to three flavors, and rate each cake on a scale of “m” to “mmmmm”. 

With our props ready and our tummies hungry, we headed for our first stop: Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La. We got three cakes since it seemed to be the finest place in the list. They only serve takeouts, though, so we got a table in Seattle’s Best where Tet, who was celebrating her birthday the next day, and I blew out our first batch of candles.

Words can’t possibly do these cakes justice with my limited vocabulary. Hopefully, these photos and ratings would take care of that for me.

We gave ourselves enough time to indulge in these pricey treats (but hey, they were worth our money) before moving on to our second stop: Classic Confections. Restaurant-hopping was easy because all seven shops were in Greenbelt. 

Given our tight budget (which we hoped would buy us at least seven cakes), we ordered only one cake from this lovely, little place. But I must say, we picked well. Under that thick wall of icing was the tastiest lemon filling I’ve ever had. The only break we took from chowing this piece down was to open the first of our three gifts from Pete. Haha.

We refilled our tumblers and walked to our next destination: Bizu Patisserie & Bistro. If only the day hadn’t been devoted to eating cakes, I would have tried their French cuisine. I guess I’ll just save that for another day.

By that time, we already had mousse and nutty cakes, so, for a change, we ordered their prettiest cheesecake and tiramisu. The mango petals fell as soon as the plate hit the table and they wouldn’t let us get a new piece :( hahaha. Oh well. Pete also gave us gift number two!

We passed by Timezone on the way to our fourth stop which apparently did not exist. So we went back and played at Timezone instead. After six sugar-loaded treats, we needed to get rid of all that excess energy. We also hogged the photo booth like teenagers (nooo it’s finally sinking in that we can’t call ourselves ‘teens’ anymore! not even ‘twenteen’, but eww who calls himself/herself that HAHA).

Unknowingly, we saved the best for last. Cafe Mary Grace will always feel like home. Their branch in Greenbelt has this little corner where kids can play and, as expected, the three of us went straight to occupy the whole place (okay, Tet and Pete had to force me a little because I was shy HAHA).  

Our cake money was running low; thankfully it bought us two more slices. One of them was this sad-looking piece of Rum Butter Cake which we got for only P35. Haha. It was my first time to visit the previous three cafes, but it was in this quaint, familiar place that I found my new favorite cake. It did not have the lavishness of the other cakes, but it definitely hit the spot. Before calling it a day, we opened Pete’s final gift and left Mary Grace a thank-you note.

Like all our other attempts at finishing challenges/bucket lists, we didn’t get to complete all seven stops. But that never puts us down. After spending this wonderful day catching up over cakes, how could it? Thank you, Three of Life, for the best birthday yet. Until our next adventure! :D

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the love interests: Matt, Klaus, Tyler
the Originals: Elijah, Kol, Klaus
the Salvatore household: Stefan, Alaric, Damon 


wait, KLAUS and CAROLINE? O_O i have some major catching-up to do!!

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